Indian cuisine in Senigallia


According to the most ancient traditions of the culinary art and the oriental medicine as well, the use of spices on food is due to the strong flavour they confer to any dish, but also to the beneficial effect these ingredients can produce to the body. Following the ancient local customs, our restaurant in Senigallia too delivers a series of dishes influenced by Indian cuisine and improved by the use of the classic spices, wisely selected in order to ensure the high quality and the best results for any preparation. In our cookery, we currently use all the most characteristic spices of the gastronomy of Sri Lanka and India, creating new balanced combinations of flavours that have also a positive effect on health. 

At Rice & Curry Sri Lanka Senigallia restaurant in Senigallia, you can find a wide range of the spices used in Indian cuisine: curry, the renowned spice blend, which works as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and digestive; turmeric, which reduces the cholesterol and protects neurons from the aging process; ginger, which has a digestive, anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic effect; cinnamon, antiseptic and digestive; chilli pepper, a source of vitamins and excellent for the circulatory system and ulcers; cardamom, useful to reduce the feeling of swelling; coriander, a digestive and a powerful cure for headache; cloves, which work as a disinfectant and regularise the flow of blood; nutmeg, digestive and antiseptic; fennel seeds, useful against intestinal colic. 

Discover the spices properties with our cuisine, try the most tastesome and healthy dishes and let yourself be tempted by our menu, picking the dishes that appeal to your mind and senses. Our restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, from Tuesday to Saturday, to welcome customers in a cosy and refined place and to offer a convenient takeaway service for people who prefer to stay at home.