Sri Lankan cuisine in Senigallia


The recently inaugurated Rice & Curry Sri Lanka Senigallia started out from the outstanding experience of the owners and offers a rich selection of dishes of the typical Sri Lankan cuisine in Senigallia, prepared with mastery and professionalism and served taking also care of the imagine and colours, as it is characteristic of the gastronomic custom of this country. Consisting mainly of strong and spicy flavours, intense aromas and unusual combinations, Sri-Lankan cuisine food offered by our restaurant in Senigallia includes a mix of typical dishes and specialities based on fish, chicken, pork and beef; rice or noodles served with meat, fish, prawns and vegetables; in addition to delicious desserts and a great variety of fruit. 

The main protagonists of our cuisine are spices, widely used not only for enhancing the distinctive taste and creativity of our cuisine, but also for their benefits on health and mood. Rice & Curry Sri Lanka Senigallia is part of many typical courses, used as a main ingredient as well as a side dish, and it is the most important element in the Rice & Curry Sri Lanka Senigallia, the characteristic dish from which our restaurant took the name. 

Another unmistakable element is curry, the most famous spice blend in the world, which confers colour and savour to our whole cuisine and is made in different ways, according to its use and the dish that goes with it. Influenced also by Indian cuisine, the Sri Lankan cuisine in Senigallia includes a wide choice of vegetarian dishes full of taste and creativity, an excellent choice for those who want to avoid meat and fish as well as to try new flavours. Have fun choosing among our specialities, discover the aromas of a wonderful exotic country, ask to try what most inspires your curiosity and imagination, and create your personal menu, also available for takeaway. 

For further information about our cuisine, for special requests and booking, please contact us.