Rice & Curry Sri Lanka Senigallia

Intoxicating aromas SELLING AND COLORS




Recently opened, Rice & Curry Sri Lanka Senigallia is a family-run restaurant, managed by Imiachchi Kankanamalage Jagath Premalal and his wife. They both come from a long-time and notable experience in the field of the restaurant industry: they worked for Roberto Cavalli and the Fiorentina football team manager Luigi Pontello and before that they had been running commercial enterprises for years in the area of Ancona. Open from Tuesday to Sunday, for both lunch and dinner, the restaurant intends to provide their customers with a friendly, nice, sophisticated and creative environment, in addition to the opportunity of discovering the amazing world of the tasty and many-coloured Sri-Lankan cuisine: an authentic triumph of intense aromas, strong flavours and vibrant colours that go along with the mastery and competence of the owners, who follow every step of the cooking of the different specialities with the utmost accuracy. 

The hallmark that distinguishes the Sri Lankan cuisine is the presence of strong and heady tastes created by the wide use of spices, especially curry, which is a blend of strong-scented and vividly coloured seasonings added to most dishes. Prepared with also an extreme focus on the aesthetical aspect and on colours, the dishes are made with a wide range of ingredients. This is an element that comes from the gastronomic tradition of the island, especially rich in food resources available thanks to its favourable geographic position and marked by an inventive and imaginative character that is the basic component of every dish. At Rice & Curry Sri Lanka Senigallia you will be able to find an entire world of aromas and colours, of scents and strong flavours, and with us you will learn to know the magic of spices, ingredients that are so valuable not only for enhancing tastes but also for the benefits that bring to health. 

Rice & Curry Sri Lanka Senigallia has a very rich menu from which you can choose what appeals most to your curiosity, combining different courses according to your preference and state of mind and to our advice, and finally letting yourself get carried away by colours and emotions. As in the purest Sri Lankan gastronomic tradition, our cuisine also offers a vast choice of tasteful vegetarian dishes, which are perfect for those who adopted a meat free diet without renouncing taste and want to try one of the most original ethnic cuisines in the world. Furthermore, for those who prefer to have a quiet dinner at home or to have lunch in the office with our specialities, we offer a convenient takeaway service, with the opportunity to personalise the menu and book your favourite dishes. For any information and request, we are available at any time via phone call or email.